7 Struggles Only Creatives Understand

Being a creative is amazing, it’s fun, it’s beautiful and it’s also a mess. There are struggles that we will never be able to escape that are specific to our journey. Like people biting our ideas, dealing with a creative block, or how expensive it is constantly buying new equipment or tools.  Here are seven struggles only creatives understand.

1Trial and Error Can be a Bitch

Sometimes things don’t work out. You end up with several png documents for the same project. Let’s not even talk about the amount of money we spend just to test out an idea. Creative Entrepreneurs, a lot of times, don’t know how their ideas are going to turn out; be it a garment a fashion designer is designing, or an installation someone is building, things don’t always turn out how they appear in your head

2Collaboration Struggles

When everyone doesn’t have the same work ethic and creative abilities you may have, when it comes to collaboration, this may cause a problem. You would think basic rules would not have to be laid out when working with others, but in past experiences, Contracts and Nondisclosure agreements are a MUST!

3Copying is the Biggest Form of Flattery… THAT’S A LIE.

It doesn’t make you feel better when you see someone has taken your ideas. Honestly, there isn’t anything that can make ANYone feel better when they encounter this. To spend hours upon hours working on something, putting all of your time, money, and energy into developing an idea and then someone comes along and takes note of all your plans and emulates them. It is possibly the worst feeling ever.

I will say this; anyone who has ever copied me was not successful in the long run. Not to get preachy on you but God (the universe, Buddha, the virgin Mary, place whatever religious belief here) plants ideas within all of our hearts, and what is given to us, we shall reap from. No one can prosper off of something that was stolen. This is also where those Nondisclosure agreements may come in handy. Of course it doesn’t protect you from people who may have seen your idea in another state but for issues like that something as simple as trademarking your intellectual property could help avoid those kind of problems.

4The Block

Having my own site is stressful and I often feel pressured to constantly and consistently produce content. But sometimes the ideas just aren’t good enough according to our own standards. Nothing is worse than having creator’s block. It’s like you want to provide something dope but you don’t want to force it because then it ends up not dope at all.


Time means EVERYTHING. The struggle is finding the time to work on art, or being in the wrong place when inspiration hits. Timing is everything. I often keep a small notebook on me for when I get sudden ideas out of nowhere. And often when I find myself overwhelmed and not having enough time, I usually just cry but now I’m trying and learning the importance of scheduling and keeping a calendar. These things matter so that you can make sure you are using your time wisely but also as a creative, I understand when the sewing machine isn’t threaded just right or your drawing doesn’t have the right shading which in return takes up more time than you planned.

6It’s Expensive AF

I spend more money on camera and editing equipment than I do anything else. I can not afford to have children because being a creative is taking all of my coins. Then to top it all off, revisiting struggle number one, if I mess up I have to spend MORE coins to fix the error or find a solution. Friends and family who don’t understand, look at you like you’re crazy when you spend $100 on yarn and all you can do is happily explain your new idea in hopes they see the vision and get just as excited.

7“Is It Good Enough” Battling the Jury In Your Head

Will they like it? Will they understand it? You compare yourself to others, questioning your ideas so much that you end up just throwing the entire project away? I know I am not the only creative with this issue. Constantly looking at the work of others or how they have progressed in their journey, so much so that you discourage yourself from a chance to even be great. I have several pieces of artwork, blog posts, and videos that will probably never see the light of day because I constantly ask myself is this even good enough. Worried will my friends, family, or readers like this? Self doubt is real, but the craziest part is the work I doubt the most is the work that seems to get the most praise from others. Don’t let self-doubt keep you from achieving.


There are a lot of things we can do to combat these struggles like contracts, using calender’s, and budgeting, but it’s also good to understand handling these things come with time and experience. I am still working on managing all of these struggles myself, and I am learning to address them one day at a time. What other struggles do you have and how are you managing them?


110 Ignant Truth Podcast: “Top 5 Worst Albums of 2017”

“Top 5 Best & Worst Albums of 2017”

“Dave Chapelle as a black leader”

“Michael Flynn finna snitch”

“Sanctions on Libya? Who America pay their sanctions to?”

“Why are men so self-righteous? Nola got a girlfriend, ion care, add me to the team.”

Black Girl Magic in Full Force: 29 Women Who Made 2017 Their B*

I began writing this post wrapping up the year and I noticed one thing. Black women dominated and won all of 2017. Black women own  14% of all the businesses in the U.S. that’s about 1.3 million businesses. The Best All Around Superlative would be given to black women cause this year we showed you just how real black girl magic is. Let me show you.

1Issa Rae killed it with her second season of Insecure. I aspire for my life to be as lit as her instagram story. Issa

2DeWanda Wise, another black woman lead to add to the roster, as she stars in the new spike Lee series, She’s Gotta Have It.

black women won 2017 black girl magic

3Not to mention the artist who did the artwork for the entire season is a black woman named, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.                
4The Nigerian bobsled team is first African team ever to qualify for winter Olympics!
5Rihanna basically wiped out all the other makeup competition first go round with her new Fenty Beauty and on top of that she won invention of the year from TIME magazine.
6Hope Wiseman , this Spelman grad is youngest black woman to own a dispensary.
7Ariana Austin – black American woman marries into Ethiopian royalty and becomes a princess
8Rosalind Brewer the former CEO of Sam’s club became COO of Starbucks
9Vanessa Kingori was the first female publisher for British GQ and now she is the first black publisher of British Vogue!
10Simone Askew is first black woman to serve as West Point’s first Captain
11Tracee Ellis Ross with her clothing line and another successful season of Black-ish.

12Cardi B dipped from Love and Hip Hop to be number one on the charts and Off-set topped her year with that big engagement ring (even if it is staged).
13Serena got married, had her first baby, and to top it off last week Nike announced they will be naming a building on their campus in her honor.

14Anok Yai secured a modeling contract with Next Models after a picture of her at Howard homecoming went viral.
15Janaye Furman was the first black model to open for Louis Vuitton
16Ceata Lash, the founder of PuffCuff LLC, first black woman to hold two patents for a natural hair accessory
17Keisha Bottoms, the new mayor of Atlanta.

18Maxine Waters, she made sure YKWTFGO all through 2017 while reclaiming her time and looking stunning on the cover of Essence.

19Davina Bennet – Miss Jamaica, second runner up in Miss Universe and she wore her natural hair!!!
20SZA basically had everybody fighting over who had whose man on the weekends and ended up getting album of the year from TIME. 

21Tonya Boyd is the first black woman to become FDNY deputy chiefboyd2n-1-web
22, 23, 24Instagram comedians like @jesshilarious_official, @watchjazzy, and @luvjjp getting everything they deserve going on tours and appearing on TV shows.img_9063

25Beyonce had her twins Rumi and Sir

26 & 27Hell, Rapsody (2), Ledisi (3), Cardi B, and SZA (4)  all nominated for Grammys.rapsody_caro1_original_51120

28Tiffany Haddish won over everybody’s hearts with laughter in Girl’s Trip and was the first black female comedian to host SNL.

29Meghan Markle, the new black princess. Black girls have been queens and princesses but to go in THEIR royal court and infiltrate it’s like a double Whammy! WE WON and you know THEY mad!


109 Ignant Truth Podcast – “When Was The Last Time a Black Actor Had a Good Movie?”


“What albums we are anticipating in 2018?”

“Clipse and Malice have an album coming out… I don’t wanna hear it”

Top 5 Black Actors

“Stefano came back from the dead at least 15 times” – roles we want to play on a TV show

“White people can say N***…”


03 Let’s Eat Tour – Cody’s Smokehouse

It’s the third restaurant stop of the Let’s Eat Tour, Cody’s Smokehouse. This may have been one of my favorite food spots because the food was affordable and amazing! This episode, I had a chance to chat it up with the creative director of Wealth & Prspr and talk about a several things such as: where did friends giving come from, relationships, and should girls shoot their shot. Tune in and enjoy!

If you stop by Cody’s Smokehouse let us know! Tag @snootyjudy and use the #letseatTOUR hashtag!

108 Ignant Truth Podcast – “Only People From NC like J Cole”



  • Lil Peep’s death
  • “XXXtention chord thought he was jumped by the Migos”
  • “How do we even pronounce Jaden Smith album?” – album review
  • “Ion like Solage just cause she Beyonce sister”
  • “Takeoff riding the wave and if he wasn’t family he would’ve been dropped off”
  • “Only people from North Carolina like J Cole”
  • “Jerry Jones is trying to get Roger Goodell up out of here”
  • “Ion think them boys should be suspended the entire season for shoplifting”
  • “Jobs are goofy… I’m not tryna have a Thanksgiving potluck”
  • “Fire breathing Christian Roy Moore”
    • Shareef – Click here to listen
    • Jay Major – Click here to listen
    • Johnathan Randall Boone  – Click here to listen
    • OG Spliff – Click here to listen


Ignant Truth 107 – “… and That’s Why Black People Carry Pistols.”

The fellas get serious… well kinda as they discuss Rape Culture and a pop up from a surprise guest with a crazy story to tell. 


This Weeks Topics Include:

Rape Culture

Transgender females in the WNBA

Documentary – Teacher’s Own

Liangelo Ball is Apart of Theft Culture

Where is Lebron Daddy?

Story Time

Texas Shooting




Museums are always on my list of things to do and right now one of my favorite art museums (and in my opinion one of the best on the east coast) is currently displaying the “Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair” exhibit. An amazing display of the magazine’s fashion show history. If you are into fashion, design, or just black culture this is a MUST SEE exhibit.

It is breathtaking the moment you walk in, with large pictures of Eunice Johnson, the director of Ebony Fashion fair, and just a small glimpse of it’s rich history. A few of my favorite garments included the bridal gown by Emanuel Ungaro; the ball gown made of West African fabric by African American Henry Jackson; and the Valentino’s 30s rendition of evening pajamas. Of course there were so many more I can’t even name, but I have included a few photos of more favs.

“Eunice and her husband started a publishing company and fought their way to get into the world of high fashion. At first the Fair faced discrimination against designers who feared negative reactions to exclusive designs on black bodies. They begged, persuaded, and threatened for the right to buy clothes.”

As I stared at all of the beautiful designs and displays, an older black lady came to sit on the bench in front of the plus size model, where I had stopped to stare. “I remember when the first plus size model walked out and the crowd went wild.” she said. I turned around like “TELL ME more!” She continued on to tell my friend Terrence and me more of her experience at Ebony Fashion Fair shows. Her aunt would take her to the show when she was a little girl in New York and she continued going, until 2004 when she noticed people in attendance had begun to dress down. She remembered it being a time where not only the models were dressed up, but the audience dressing to the nines was just as much a part of the culture of the charity fashion show. It was so cool to hear someone’s own account while learning about it.

Evening Gown by Todd Oldham
Eunice Johnson began to include shapelier models

Learning the history of the event, gawking at the different designer gowns, coats and suits; the Virtual Fitting Room; the ENTIRE exhibit was amazing! The NC Museum of Art consists of two buildings and an outside walking trail with sculptures, gardens, and children’s playgrounds all along it. Admission into the museum is free but there is a small fee of only $15 to view this current exhibit. Well worth the price and I would advise everyone to visit next time they’re in the North Carolina capital.

Pharrel Takes the Cover of Vogue: It’s Beautiful & He Still Hasn’t Aged

For Vogue’s December 125th anniversary Pharrell Williams takes the cover with model Imaan Hammam.  I heard his secret is to exfoliate like crazy use cold water. The beautiful Comme des Garçons Homme Plus separates filled with patterns and prints made for a insane spread with the never aging artist. See photos below. You can read the full article here as the artists discuss his upcoming movie musical Atlantis, his new album with N.E.R.D, and how the election was a major wake up call for him and his family.

“Black is beautiful, and right now, we are going through it,” he says. Inclusion is also the theme of this photo shoot, whose ensemble cast was curated by Pharrell himself

Photos Captured by Mario Testino

Source: Vogue

7 Reasons Why “Watch The Throne” Isn’t As Good As We Think… 6 Years Later

A history lesson on the coming of Watch The Throne and why the famous rap duo’s album doesn’t deserve to be on the pedestal it’s placed on.


The History

The Year was 2011, and we were just coming off one of Kanye West’s greatest masterpieces. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was deemed a classic from the beginning. One of the best rap album roll outs we’ve ever seen.  From the album’s first single, Power (which is still one of the top 10 best cover arts for a single) & Kanye’s SNL Performance, to the Complex Mag spread, where they followed him, Amber Rose, & the G.O.O.D Music family around Hawaii; his Rosewood suit wearing performances on tables at our favorite social media offices, to completely taking over Viacom with his Runaway movie, this album was destined for greatness. With its release it was just that; GREATNESS. This album gave just a high end feel that no one could understand. Amazing feature after amazing feature made you forget that we heard half of the album during his G.O.O.D Friday series.

With MBDTF being all of the buzz, there were 2 songs that stuck out from that album. Two songs that would change our minds long before we knew. Those 2 songs would be “Monster” & an old song that was found and saved entitled “So Appalled.” While Monster was getting the commercial appeal thanks to a one of a kind verse from none other than Nicki Minaj,

The record featured a lackluster verse from one of our favorites, and no I’m not talking about the 2 bars from Rick Ross in the beginning

Jay-z’s verse was simple, a laughing matter with him rapping about goblins and goons. It was not hard to see that Nicki easily had the best verse, but the thought that Hov gave us that started to worry me. Then I heard “So Appalled,” “My God” I said I just knew He was back. The flow was in pocket, he was talking that money talk that only a god MC could, and I felt that the goat had redeemed himself.

The Hype

As the year was coming to an end, Kanye and team continued feeding the streets with G.O.O.D Fridays. Everyone, including myself, stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to catch these records, but there were two that particularly stood out:

    1. “Power had been remixed. A solid Jay-Z verse over the original beat but a god-like demon had possessed Kanye as he destroyed Swizz Beatz flip of “I Got the Power”.  
    2. Then there was “The Joy”; a record featuring Kanye and Jay spitting over one of the coldest Pete rock productions.

These two joints felt great and left us thinking “What a moment this was!!”

 It felt good to see two of my favorite rappers united and making incredible records. It was even amazing to see them spend New Year’s Eve together partying the night away. But Kanye wasn’t done, he was only getting started. A Series of tweets sent the world in a frenzy. Kanye and Jay-z were to going to do an album TOGETHER. Rap Royalty at its finest was preparing to take over the world.

There was a moment that seemed like an eternity, that I wasn’t sure this was going to happen. Nothing else was said after the tweets, just silence. Good ole twitter started with their rumors, a Lex Luger produced song, that they were calling themselves but nothing was set in stone yet. Until that glorious day was upon us. A Kanye and Jay-z song appeared entitled H*A*M that caused chaos all through the Estreets. Kayne spitting his high end raps over this luxurious trap beat. Jay back talking with his flashy raps and addressing the haters (Birdman) with captivating lines like “…Baby money/keep it real with niggas/niggas ain’t got my lady money.” The Throne was born and we were all watching.

As the spring passed, summer was here and we still didn’t know whether this was going to happen. The rumors were high and even a questionable leak was out but who knew if they were part of this album. Then one day the rumblings began on twitter that a song was coming out. Twitter was popping that entire day. Funkmaster Flex tweeted for the people to tune in at 7 for his show, he had something special and boy did he. Flex premiered “Otis” from The Throne on Hot 97 and made a movie out of it.

Running it back a million times, growling and grunting dropping the best promo I have ever heard which included a line like “… Go into the local corner store and just stick your hand in the register.” One of Flex’s last greatest moments was truly special.

The hype from this amazing record had us sold that this was going to be a classic and the music would be iconic. Weeks passed. The anticipation of their duo album leaking, after the dope video for Otis, and still nothing had come into fruition. The VMA’s were scheduled for the Sunday before album’s leak free release.

That Sunday 3 memorable moments happened. 1) We got to see The Throne perform live for the first time. (And a preview of what the tour, one of the best I’ve ever seen, would look like) 2) Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant. 3) That the album would be available on iTunes after the awards.

Now I know you’ve read this and are thinking “Ok Meezy, you gave us the history of the album, but what does this have to do with anything?” Here I’ll tell you: Just like all the hype that was built as you read, this album’s performance is just as equivalent. Some may read this and say “I didn’t know Meezy could write like this.” Or “Damn he does do more than just argue on Facebook.” Some might agree with the following and think I’m right but point is: the hype was better than the actual product.

So here’s why I think “Watch The Throne” doesn’t live up to the hype:

    1. I only like 8 of the 16 (the deluxe version). Of course that’s half the album, but we’re talking about Jay-z and Kanye West. Half shouldn’t be acceptable.
    2. The music sounds amazing but at the same time it has this experimental vibe to it; as if Kanye’s musical genius was trying to come out but Hov wasn’t buying it.
    3. Lift Off SUCKS. Seeing a track list that reads Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Beyoncé is supposed to be a day in heaven, not Beyoncé singing lovely as two of the supreme rappers mumble rap their way thru verses.
    4. What’s the deal with that eerie ass transition music??? It was just out of fucking place. Just extra filler for nothing, could’ve at least told a story or something Kanye.
    5. There isn’t a song on here where Jay-z out rapped Kanye. With Hov having a lot more time between albums than Kanye (and being the better RAPPER) I figured he’d have a lot to talk about, but on tracks where they went back and forth it was a pretty even matchup with him even losing a few.
    6. There wasn’t enough KANYE. Yes Kanye is on every song, but Jay-z clearly has more verses than Ye including (one of my favorite) the lone track “Why I Love You” feat Mr. Hudson.  Which leads me to my next point:
    7. It seemed forced. It felt like a Jay-z album produced by Kanye. This was clearly Kanye’s vision for what an all Yeezy Jigga album would sound like. They even let Swizz and Pharrell in on it to make it feel even more Hov-ish.

This album is a classic but not for the musical aspect, but for what it represents. This is one time where two of the biggest rappers said they were going to do a joint album & ACTUALLY DELIVERED!!!! We all hold Jay & Ye at an extremely high level based off their previous individual bodies of work. So when we heard there was a collab album coming, the bar was set extremely high. The fact that the album came out meant the expectations were reached. So as you read this and prepare to go listen to “Watch The Throne” remember, IT’S NOT 2011 anymore. The hype has worn off and it’s ok to hear this album differently now. The songs you thought you loved, you may not love as much but that’s ok. The nostalgia that comes with that project is forever in our hearts and if we never get a Part 2, (which is fine with me.) we can live to tell our children “I got to see 2 of my favorites half ass an album and I loved it.”

Ignant Truth 106 – “This Isn’t a Sports Show”

This isn’t a sports show but this week it is. Chuck and UBU share their thoughts on Josh Gordon coming back to the league, the NFL not lasting long. and sports injuries. However, keep listening, it’s not limited to sports as the fellas review a few albums and address Tyrese’s internet meltdown.


  • Tyrese Needs to Talk About His Problems Just Not on the Internet
  • Kevin Spacey Touching Men
  • Josh Gordon is Back in the League
  • The NFL isn’t Going to Last That Long
  • Sports Injuries
  • Complex’s Corny Comparisons
  • Are You Interested In Bringing Back Moesha?
  • You Know who is After the Donald, Mike Pence. Just Chill. – Paul Manafort and Russia
  • I Wish There Was a Three Day Blackout
  • Street wear is run by People Who are Not Street.
  • Album Reviews: Chris Brown & Krit
  • No shave November

Unpopular Opinion: Trap N’ (fill in the blank) Has Got to Go

Trap is the new wave for events and I’m tired of it. Trap N’ (fill in the blank) is just corporate n*ggas way of doing regular things while listening to commercial rap. The word trap to a black business professional and the dope boy off MLK have two very different definitions. It’s young black business professionals appropriating hood culture. 

Now look, I’m here for a good time but do we HAVE to add trap in front of every event. Trap basically means someone black is hosting it and will be playing Drake and Jay Z. Trap Karoake was cute, it’s rare that you go to a bar with karaoke and they have songs black people actually want to sing. However, we have trap brunch, trap yoga, trap n paint… I have never seen anyone paint or do yoga in a trap. EVER.

I think what bothers me most is the fact that this level of black people (the professional, gotta little money, went to college level) act as if they are too good for the real trap. I don’t mean hanging in the trap, I have heard them say things you’d expect to come from a middle aged white soccer mom. Like “don’t go to that side of town” referring to the side the trap would more than likely be found. Now of course, we are a multifaceted as a  culture and the trap isn’t an unfamiliar to some young black business professionals and if that is you of course this isn’t about you. However there are some that fit perfectly in the category of wanting to be a nigga but not really wanting to be a nigga, but love Trap Yoga. 

If it’s just black people getting together and having a good time, that’s what’s up, but it’s far from the trap and anything like it. You’re basically just mimicking what you get upset with white people about. Just be black, just have a good time, we don’t have to always add trap. I also am gonna declare the term trap played out. That’s my unpopular opinion.

PODCAST: Ignant Truth 105

Episode 105 is here. Tune in and make sure to rate the Ignant Truth Podcast on Apple Music (here)

  • OJ Still Hasn’t Learned His Lesson
  • Professional Athletes and White Women
  • Interracial Dating
  • Lily White Women
  • Gentrification in Winston Salem
  • Thankful for People who Keep the Neighborhood Affordable.

Black People Takeover Halloween… Just Like Everything Else

Growing up black, we were only allowed to dress up as angels for Hallelujah night, ain’t no Halloween bih. However, as black joy and creativity is becoming more accepted, the costumes this year were on a whole new level. For a holiday that some of us weren’t allowed to celebrate growing up, y’all definitely made up for lost time. Here’s a list of my favorite costumes from this Halloween.

Garner Style Kills it as Mariah Carey

Chastity Garner of Garner Style dressed up as Mariah Carey in a hot pink leotard. She even did a cute video to match Carey’s mediocre performance that has been floating around the internet.

Gucci You Don’t Love Me

Dressed as every little black girl’s favorite cartoon character growing up, this young black designer out of Pittsburgh went all out with her Halloween costume as Susie Carmichael.

We Found Cardi’s Blankie

Last week she broke up with Offset because she thought he had something to do with her missing purple blanket. We Found it!

Biggie Hold Me Down Baby

Favorite couple costume goes to… THESE TWO! The iconic look from the ’96 hit “Crush on You” has got to be the best part. They worked perfect together and we are here for it!

Daaaaamn Gina

Everyone knows the episode where Gina’s head gets stuck in between the headboard. Watching this girl stumble in the party just like Gina did in the 90s’ TV show instantly takes you back. You can’t help but laugh at her voice sounding just like Gina’s.

Supa Dupa Fly

Why didn’t I think of this one? It’s just an inflated trash bag right? The simplest costume but it could easily be the best one on this list. 

Bad Gal RiRi

Yesssss! Here for the redo of Rihanna’s Met Gala ensemble. She did an amazing job recreating this look only using glue, poster board, fabric, scissors and no professional training.

The Babies Even Came Through

Omg! Gimme Gimme! This makes you want a baby tomorrow just so you can dress him up for Halloween!

Don’t Touch My Hair

After that silly magazine erased Solange’s hairstyle, it is nice to see people appreciate it by remaking the magazine cover. She did that.


OH MY GOD! She nailed the outfit but the fact that she nailed the entire movie routine. I AM DONE! She won Halloween this year!


PLAYLIST: Modern Day Freaknik

If Freaknik made it to the 2000s, what songs are guaranteed to make you dance? All the songs that didn’t get a chance at the 90s gathering of HBCUs, are all on this playlist.

Top Notch Twerkfest.

Listen to it in your car. NSFW cause your gonna dance.

While creating this list I took the time to do some extra research about the well known event, and found an interesting article, “Freaknik: The rise and fall of Atlanta’s Most Infamous Street Party” (click here to read).  The different stories with various perspectives of Freaknik experiences starting from it’s creation to closing were very interesting. I’ll let you form your own opinion as to whether or not it should have been shut down but the article definitely provides some insight and almost caused me not to publish the playlist, BUT here we are so I hope you ENJOY!

For Apple Music click here

For Spotify  click here



PODCAST: Ignant Truth 104

Listen to the Fellas of the Ignant Truth Podcast as they talk about the craziness from the week.

  • Gucci Mane’s Wedding
  • Domestic Violence in Rap Music
  • Gordon Hayward’s Injury
  • We Want To Know! Questions Black People have for White People 
  • Mumble Rappers Yachty, Kodak, Chief Keef
  • My Interpretation of Heaven
  • Is Segregation Really an Option For Black People
  • Two Types of Black People and Their Different Measurements of Success